About Real Estate Referral Ninja

Join The Realtor Revolution

After many years in the advertising, marketing, and medical fields, the owners of Realtor Referral Ninja partnered up to change the paradigm for realtors-forever.

Imagine Signing 3, Or, Or 8 Contracts A Month-Consistently.

Consistency is not only the hobgoblin of little minds-it is the bedrock on which a real estate career should be built. We all know the fear and depression that comes at closing when you think ” Oh no, what now? I have to start all over.” Not anymore! We are here to change that.

Only Meet With Qualified Customers

Change your habits to change your life-stop chasing the leads-let them come to you! You are a real estate professional, not a door to door salesman.

Scale Using Other People’s Money

Realtor’s know how hard it is to pay $800-$3000 a month for lead generation and management. Keep those dollars in your pocket-we only charge a small appointment fee to pay our professional ISA’s, and a referral commission-when the deal closes!

We focus our attention on ONLY PRE-Qualified APPOINTMENTS to allow our Realtor Partners to meet with more excited home buyers and sellers than ever before! 

Lead Generation Done For You

We do all of the lead generation and advertising-at our expense.

Pre-Qualified Appointments

Save time and effort by only speaking with customers who want and need your services.

Only Pay For What Closes

We only charge a small appointment charge and a referral commission.

Explode Your Income With Pre-Qualified Appointments

Imagine how high your real estate career could go-if you had 10 Appointments A Month? 15? 20?

How many houses could you close in a year? What would that do to your self esteem, your vision for the future?

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